BLC v.1 :: The Nick Edition!

Starting the festivities off was a visit to the FunCenter by the one and only Nick! He sauntered (which means, to walk in a relaxed manner, for those of you that think I just make all of this stuff up) on in through the doors of the stu-stu-studio (which, is a Phil Collins reference, for all of my OTA bloggers out there…wait…I just realized that whatever bit of street cred I had, I just lost by making a reference to Phil Collins…hurumph) and was ready to rock up some sweetsweetseniorsnaps, and rest assured my people, he did do just that!

Nick even had the one and only Otis as his photog. (which, is short for photographer, for those of you that aren’t hip to the abbrev’s like I expect you to be), which was a rare treat (for him, and for me…at least I hope it was a treat for him) for those of you that are in the know in the land of FunCenter. Otis dusted off his shooting clothes (which, suprisingly, are not camouflaged, but oddly, do include a blaze orange top), and joined up with the ever lovely Kinzo for some sweetsnaps of Nick!

Nick, I’m here to tell y’all, did not disappoint in our quest for the goods. In fact, he was a total and complete rock star of the highest order, and you don’t have to take my word for this, you just have to look a lil’ bit down the page to see the factual evidence…but don’t look just yet, as we have to take just a li’l bit o’ time to thank Nick for all of his hard work, and for spending some time with us on a lovely Monday afternoon. To him and all my peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Nick, your mom just showed me your pictures. Too bad my daughter is only 11. Wow!!!!!!!! Nice looking. Good luck in your furture. Diane


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