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And sometimes, you get a family that is made for the camera. You see, from a personal level, my family was not made for the camera. Sure, I know that I was prolly (that means probably, for you squares out there) the most photo-genic person that most people have ever come across, but that’s where it stopped. Well, on second thought, all of us alone had our own unique thing going on. If you were to have an individual shoot with each member of the fam, you would get something…good. But, you put all of the elements together, and it would turn into something…not good.

It’s like, all of the following are good: steak, iced cream, foot long hot dogs, california rolls, a glass of port, lasagna, bubble gum, iced coffee, tangerines, and wheat grass. You would, however, not want to see all of those items on a plate together. Well…actually…that list doesn’t look that bad, but from a culinary viewpoint (and congratulations to the family Morelli, as their post was the first on the blog to use the word ‘culinary’), there is no unifying theme. Like having a bunch of great opening paragraphs, but no body to back it up.

The family Morelli, brought the heat (I think that’s a baseball term.) They were unified in their total awesomeosity, and they came into our lives at the FunCenter and showed us the real deal. Dang. They was good. But enough of this craziness, let’s get to the part where you sit back in your chairs and enjoy the happy good time pictures. Without any further delay, and with muchlove to this family for stopping by, we give you the family Morelli – Enjoy!

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