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The LoveFest at the FunCenter (which, makes it sound like there were a bunch of unwashed hippies hanging around, but, we’ve learned the hard way that having a bunch of unwashed hippies hanging around your place of business is not the best idea for attracting customers, now – don’t get me wrong – I LURVE the hippies, I used to think of myself as being one ((except I was never really able to achieve that state of mellowness that is needed to truly be a hippie – I like my drama, my angst a little too much)), it’s just that the time change, and you gotta pull that Volkswagon Bus, and your HackeySack, and your Patchouli, and your glowsticks, and get to the back of the building, and you can’t bother our customers any more with your tales of the Fall ’97 Phish tour…WE’VE HEARD IT A BILLION TIMES!! Seriously, we know that you heard them play a 90 version of Tweezer ((which, I might add, I find hard to believe, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt)), but the band doesn’t even exist anymore) continued with a visit from The Family Young!

We had a wonderful time working with this lovely family (deja vu?), and we would like to thank them for taking a break from their lovely Sunday and stopping down to the FunCenter! Well, me think it time for us to leave behind these words, and get to some samplesnaps – Enjoy!

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  1. What a great family and such a beautiful baby! I love these guys and the pictures turned out great! No surprise….



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