Preston…The Senior!

Now, listen up, you – the faithful of the blog! For I come to you this evening with good news! The wait if over! The long and arduous process of checking, refreshing, checking, refreshing has finally come to an end!

The wait was long, but sometimes you just gotta build up the anticipation level, however, sometimes the anticipation can turn straight up into, “Seriously…like…I’m pumped already, let’s get to the pics.”

Alright. No more wait. Just a quick MuchLove to Preston for taking the time to stop by (oh, and by the way, there recently was a Preston that was a very very young man, hence the ‘Senior’ being added to your title…we don’t need mass confusion/hysteria taking us all over now, do we?), and to all of you, the patient of blog – Enjoy!

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