Sunday Holiday Portrait Love (SHPL)!

Alright, let me peel this turkey off of my face, and let me pull myself away from this last bowl of stuffing, because it’s time for the Thanksgiving hangover to begin, and the first part of the process is going to be to put up some pics that some people may have thought that the FunCenter had forgotten all about!

But, rest assured, we didn’t forget about them, it’s just that sometimes they got to stay in the oven a little longer, because you don’t want to take ’em out too soon and risk giving your loved ones Salmonella. Ewww.

So, I present to you now, another in the continuing series of Holiday Portrait Sessions here at the studio, Sunday Holiday Portrait Love (SHPL), and if you put all of the posts together, you will find another supersecret specialmessage from your ol’ buddy Otis!

Hip Hop Haroo!

By otis

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