The Family Buchanan!

Now, I’m pretty sure that during this shoot, there was a puppydog that loved to lick my head from time to time…mmmmmmm…deliscous bald head. Umm, now, I was coming down with a lil’ bit of a sickness at the time, and memories are kind of sketchy. I mean, I hope that it was the puppy that loved to do this. Because, I don’t even want to think about what the other options are in this situation.

Moving on from these odd thoughts, the Otis & James Center for Fun and the Study of Pizza Research and the Effects on Thirty-Two Year Olds If Fed on a Continual Basis (O&JCFFATSOPRATEOTTYOIFOACB) opened up its doors to an absolutely wonderful group of people that we shall know from this point on as the Family Buchanan!

These long-time old-friends (in fact, some of these wonderful family members are basically responsible for the path that led to the FunCenter…crazy, huh?!) of Otis & James were a lovely bunch to work with (I won’t even call it work, I’ll just call it spending a little bit of quality time with them), and we thank them for stopping by on their evening downtown adventure (who knew that downtown actually had any evening adventure?)

Well, I think it be time that we forget about all of these silly words, and throw some love in the direction of one and all of this family for coming down to the FunCenter! And to all of you all of you all of you all out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks much to Otis and James for the great shoot!
    You’ve got a great space; keep up your great talent.

    Margo had fun too!!!!


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