The Children Borud (and Doggie Too!)

There was a time, perhaps it was even just this past week, when the doors to the FunCenter opened up, and before us stood The Children Borud, along with their special guest Doggie (which, my memory has grown weak on the name, and for the sake of me, and you and everyone else out there, Doggie shall be its moniker), and personal assistant, Mom, came down to get some supersweetholidaysnaps just in time for the Holidays, and (and I know that to the experienced reader of the blog, this next part is probably not going to come as a suprise) get some supersweetholidaysnaps is just what they did!

They were pros. They came in, military assault style, established a perimeter around the studio, assessed the situation, and then drove into the heart of the FunCenter, the goal being total and complete domination of their shoot. They was good. Real good.

MuchLove to this wonderful group of Borud offspring (could that sound any more technical?…I love it!) and their guests for stopping by on a day so lovely, and to my peeps of the blog, working so hard to keep it oh so real – Enjoy!

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  1. Erin looking hot!!! you must get your good looks from me because we are related!!!
    Emily you are a babe!!
    Puppy you are sooo cute
    DEREK i am available friday night for a date WATCH out ladies!!!


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