The Children Wolsky!

The Hit Parade of o&j ‘Klassic Klients’ (I think that this is what repeat customers should be called. I find that if you put a ‘K’ where a ‘C’ should be, it turns what would normally be a very boring expression into what could be described as a Kavalcade of Kraziness ((see – I did it again!))) continued this past week (and really, do you actually care when it happened, as long as it happened and it is here now for you to see?) with a visit from The Children Wolsky!

They knew it was time for some new Holiday Pics, so the children cleared their calendar for a little visit to the FunCenter…you know, it keeps the family happy, and this time of the year, the children understand that keeping the family happy can have it’s benefits come the end of December.

As is usual, we had a wonderful time working with these incredblyfantastical children, and we would like to thank them for giving just a bit of time to the FunCenter! But, you didn’t come here to for all of these silly words, you came here to look at the supersweetsamplesnaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. You have gotta love the days when life was so simple that dinosaurs and cars were the only worry!! It brings you back to the days. Thanks.


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