Maureen & Danny!

More so than pre-marriage counseling and all that jazz that goes with it, the real test as to whether or not a couple is meant for eachother can be found here, at the FunCenter for Fun.

We don’t have a fancy machine that tells us this. We don’t have a fortune teller predicting the future. We don’t have some sort of a new-age guru sitting around ready to dispense advice at a moments notice (as it turns out, I actually applied for and got that job). Nope. We don’t got none of that.

What we do have is a studio, a camera, and some lights. You see, we turn these things on, and take some picto-graphs of the lovely couple, and we can tell you the answer right there on the spot. Because, you see, the couple that photographs well together is the couple that stays together. Think about it. If you find a couple that is in love (wow…did I just say that…did the blog just become some sort of a weirdly emo place?), I defy you to find a photograph of them in which they look like they are experiencing discomfort at the situation. No no. Every one – even though they technically may not be as sweetlysweets as ours are (did you see me pat myself on the back right there??!!), they are still wonderful, because there is nothing but love love love, sweet love going on!

And that’s what we had during our visit by the everlovely Maureen & Danny! We had a wonderful time working with this lovely couple, and now is the time for us to give some love to them for stopping down to the FunCenter, and now it is the time for you to look at the sample snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. Mo!!!
    these are so stinkin cute!!!!
    I LOVE THEM!!!!
    im so glad you came to O & j for your pictures
    danny you look great as well!!!


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