The Children Pearson!

Shall we quote from the book of Manson? Shall we talk about the ‘Beautiful People’? Perhaps our core blog demographic is not fully ready to traverse the halls of Marilyn in search of the perfect blog entry, so instead, I will only allude to it. Why for, you ask?

Because sometime between yesterday and 17 years ago, the Otis & James Center for the Aquisition of Trinkets, Toys & Treasures (O&JCFTAOTT&T) welcomed (back) to the studio the Children Pearson (even though the term ‘children’ implies that they brought a bucket of Lego’s and Tonka Trucks…which, I’m pretty sure they didn’t, but, I guess I’m really not 100% sure of this, as Paul did have a large bucket with him as he entered the studio, but I just assumed that inside was his collection of ‘Old-Timey Hats’ that he always has with him…oh well) for some totally sweet and flippin’ awesome childrenpearsonsupersnaps!

Form previously working with Paul, we knew going into the shoot that the goods were going to be brought to the shoot. There would be no need for our ‘Child Wrangler’ Benjamin D. to prance around the studio like some sort of a cross between a stark raving lunatic and a cartoon character in order to illicit a smile from this group. No. No. No. They brought the goods.

MuchLove to this group for giving a lil’ bit o’ time to the FunCenter for the cause (of sweetlysnaps), and to all of you out there in the always bright and sunny land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. In all honesty, I did make at least 3 trips back to the studio during their shoot… and yes, some slight wrangling was required during those trips.


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