Deep in the heart of Northdakotaland lived a special young lady, affectionately known as Paige. In need of some Senior snaps and perhaps looking to score a free Dum-Dum sucker handed to every passerby/enterer of the FunCenter, Paige came to the studio as polished and primped as ever. A quick check-check (that’s double check) of the lights, a few adjustments to the camera, and bada-bing! Paige was in action.

What ensued was more than just photograph-taking, mind-blowing, and scene-rocking , but a little slice of photographic heaven pie was brought out for dessert, and sure enough — Paige dominated that, too. A full course meal of photographic goodness, dominated in its entirety by the one, the only Paige. If that doesn’t sound outlandish, well, nothing does. There simply is no other way to relay to you the Degree of Rockitude (DOR) that Paige exerted throughout her shoot.

An O&J thanks to the fabulous Paige for coming down, around, out-and-about to the FunCenter and making merry with the O&J Crüe – Enjoy!

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