The Children Askvig!

Once upon a time, on a quiet, snowless Main Street of the dainty town of Minot, there existed a quaint studio inhabited by a few not-so-quaint photographers. Each and every day, dozens of smiling children and happy grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothahs, and mothahs alike entered the doors of the all-powerful “FunCenter” and made their way to the magic zone, where beautiful photographs proceed to be taken (ironically, also the same area where Otis makes a fool of himself).

But today was not “each and every day”; today was glorious! As expected, dozens of smiling children, happy grandparents, seniors, juniors, sophomores (ehhh…) sistahs and fathahs alike pranced (much like the fashion that a reindeer walks) into O&J Land. But admist all of the Yuletide hustle and bustle, the three precious Askvig children brought a halt to the chaos. Donning their Holiday tights and sweaters alike, they came to the studio for one reason, and one reason only: To tear it down.

Of course these children would not literally run a bulldozer into the FunCenter, nor explode/implode the building in any manner. No, no! They merely turned up the charm and down came the studio. Poof! They were. Just. That. Good.

Many festive thanks to the Children Askvig, and to all the bloggers and bloggerettes in Blogland (you can never use too many ‘blogs’ in a sentence) — Enjoy!

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