The Family Dufner!

Many moons ago now, even though it seems like it was just yesterday, we welcomed the members of this family to the studio for some supersweet pics. Come to think of it, we usually try to make the pics supersweet.

Market research has shown that by aiming for ‘supersweet’ instead of ‘kindofgood’, or ‘wellthatwillwork’, or ‘umm…areyouserious’, or even ‘fileundercrap’, that the client will be much happier in the end. We have hired a staff of 26 people to tell us this. Well, I think that we have 26 people working on this…you see, the project – code named ‘MonkeySlap’ (and I’m not really sure what that means), but they (and again, I’m not really sure who ‘they’ are) are being run by our very own Benjamin D., and even though we never see the other 25 people which are involved with the project, he demands that we give him cash to run the program every week, and every week he comes back and lets us know that we should continue to offer ‘supersweet’ snaps to our clients. It’s crazy, I know, but Benjamin is a trained professional, and we need to have blind faith in his brilliance.

So, we took some supersweet snaps then, and again, we took supersweet snaps. How could we not with a family so fine??!! Seriously, they just got the double question mark/double exclamation point, and that’s some serious stuff right there.

MuchLove to this wonderful family for giving the FunCenter a little bit of their sweet & prescious time, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. I was just looking at my prom pictures and came across these!
    They’re adorable Sara!!!
    and JJ is soooo big!
    You’ll have to take more when #2 comes along! 🙂


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