1. matt and jamie,

    chad and i were very happy to be part of your year in 2006 and we are happy that you were a part of our year, too! thanks for the AMAZING photographs! your favorite was ours as well and was on the cover of our wedding program! we hope to be back in for some more super-sweet snaps, and i think we’re getting my brother in your door for some senior snaps this summer!

    jenn 🙂

  2. o and J
    thank you!!!
    for the best job a girl could have asked for! You two make everyday so exciting! never a dull moment! 2006 was so much fun with you guys and I can only imagine what 2007 holds for us!

    more Hugs?
    more road trips?
    more crab balls?
    more galanize dance parties?
    more guitar playing in my ear from otis?
    more laughs?
    more push the mustang up hills?
    more myspacing?
    more ringing the bell?
    more smiles?
    more memmories?
    more macs?
    more sledding?
    more ranch dressing?
    more linton?
    more myspace!
    more 101?
    more more more!!!!


  3. You are both amazing. Your pictures tell stories that words can’t even begin to describe. What is the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” charla

  4. Matt & Jamie, Ben & Kinzie,
    Thank you for rockin’ so hard! Another great year has gone down in the books for Otis & James. May 2007 be full of even more awesome snappysanps. We love you guys!

    Your groupies- Steve and Britt

    P.S.- Thanks for the blogcasts Matt. Steve and I love to listen to you ramble and make fun of yourself.

  5. I am amazed by this beautiful and eclectic body of work! Every picture is more stunning than the next! I hope I can be a part of it!!! 🙂


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