The Family Reile (And The Odd Hanger-On)!

Sweet Bippy of all things Sweet Bippy! The doors to the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun and Other Assorted Activities Which Will Cause Fun, Or At Least Momentary Feelings of Fun and Are Usually Followed By Feelings of Head Hurting, or As It May Be Called, Feeling Scrambled (O&JFCFFAOAAWWCFOALMFOFAAUFBFOHHOAIMBCFS), and our day became nothing but sunshine, as the ever lovely Family Reile came in, and showed us what a beautiful family is!

Now, we have worked with Mother Reile, and Daughter Reile known as Emily, so we had a pretty good idea that the goods were going to be brought to the shoot. What we didn’t know was just how totally and completely awesome they were going to be! Like, if someone comes into the FunCenter and tells me ‘…there will be a family, and they will be gorgeous, and you who takes picto-graphs shall feel complete…’, I’m pretty much gonna be all like, ‘Who are you…and why you talkin’ so crazy?’, because stuff like that doesn’t really happen all the time. I mean, we finally got rid of that Ghost of Christmas Past (seriously, that dude totally stunk up the office every time he would stop by – Benjamin D. ((he is the ‘Odd Hanger-On’ mentioned in the title of this post)) would have to burn many Gonesh Cones to cover up that stench), so, I’m pretty leary of dudes coming in and speaking in riddles like some sort of a modern day prophet (which, coincidentally is the title of my third album), and they’re usually trying to sell me something…uhhhhhh…ok…it’s time to get out of this paragraph.

The family Reile rocked our socks off! Even my special panda bear socks! They were rocked off! We would like to give some love to one and all from this beautiful group for stopping down for some sweetsnaps, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. oh tanya… you are son funny… yet she forgot
    to say that the odd hanger-on was attractive


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