Brittany! Did you know what the story behind this name is? If not, let me explain.

In the early 15th century, the people of the area in what is now known as Luxembourg were faced with a great dilemma. The spring rains had never come, and they were in the midst of a brutally hot summer. The crops were failing, and the prospect of a great calamity seemed almost inevitable.

The Luxembourgeans were distraught. They did not know what to do. They gathered together and gnashed their teeth searching for answers. It was then, during these dark moments, that the answer to their situation became clear. They would need to tunnel deep into the earth and find the rivers of meat and cheese their ancestors had told them about. They knew the challenge wouldn’t be easy, but this last desperate choice was all they had.

This great plan of tapping the inner-earth meat & cheese posed an additional problem to the Luxembourgeouise, as their ancestors had also told them of a great mosnter that lived beneath the surface of the earth, and he was called Clifford. They were torn. They could have endless supplies of meat & cheese, but they would have to face the greatest enemy of all…Clifford.

The choices were hard, but the Luxembourgalts were desperate, and endless supplies of meat & cheese seemed to be pretty good. They suited up, the gathered their rudimentary shovels, tools, etc. and began the arduous process of digging to the center of the Earth.

At the end of the first day, they Luxembourgheouse had tunnelled a total of four feet. According to their calculations, at this rate it would take them 10,739 years to reach the bounty of meat & cheese…and that was if Clifford left them alone. They were distraught. Again, teeth were gnashed. It seemed as if hope was lost. That is, until a fair maiden that called herself Brittany came to them.

Brittany spoke these words to them: “Let me get this straight. You are going to dig to the center of the Earth, where you will find rivers of meat & cheese, and you might have to fight an inner-earth monster that calls himself ‘Clifford’? Really? Are you serious? The center of the Earth is magma, kind of like a molten lava sort of thing, and you can’t eat it. And, a river of meat? How exactly would this river flow? Have you ever seen meat flow? It more just kind of sits there, and that really wouldn’t be a river now, would it. Perhaps, instead of some half-baked crazed-out plan, how about everyone pools their resources together, and helps eachother out! I’m not talking some hippy-dippy stuff, peace love and happiness sort of a thing, I’m just talking about until this drought is over – because if you look at weather patterns, you will see that these sort of things happen ever so often, but they always pass.”

The Luxembourghgehteush stood in total awe of these words of wisdom, and proclaimed that from henceforth, whenever you shall refer to anything that is awesome, sweet, rocking, righteous and absolutely wonderful, you shall call it Brittany! They put their shovels down, and lived happily evah aftah.

And that’s that.

MuchLove to Brittany for stopping down to the FunCenter for some supersweetseniorsnaps, and to all of my people in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. wow brittany i love your picks
    don’t let seth see them or he’ll be all over you!!!
    love ya

  2. Brittany…you are unbelievably B-E-A-UTIFUL!! haha I love them!!

    Love ya,

  3. Brittany, your pictures rizock my sizocks right off! But yah, you’ll have to come back to MA-KO-TAY and give me some! haha…love ya much! -Trina

  4. bRittaNi..haha yah ur in my first and 2nd hour..your piCtures are amaZing!!..they are really pretty!


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