Danae & Blake

Up next on our voyage in the o&j WayBack Machine is a visit to a land that some people out there in this world refer to as Berthold, and the reason was not just to stop by the Cenex or the grain elevator.

No, no, no. Once again, the Otis & James Caravan of Love left the Minot station and headed a little bit West, and it was for the absolutely wonderful wedding of Danae & Blake! Well, if we want to get all technical here, I guess that before we actually headed out in the Caravan of Love (which is far more glamourous sounding than it really is…which, truth be told, the Caravan is actually a 1977 Totota Corolla station wagon, with an AM radio, but now is not the time to speak of this, we need to instead focus on the matter at hand…but first, I have to get out of these parentheses), the completely beautiful and absolutely wonderful Wedding Party came down to the FunCenter for some totallysweetsnaps!

It is always a ton of fun (note to self: never use the term ‘ton of fun’ again) when wedding parties come down to the FunCenter for Fun, and this day was no exception! It was a party! Good times were had by all! Holla! I don’t know what that means! Yes!

But really, did you come here to read some sort of a novella that is soaked in insanity, or did you come here to look at some sweetsamplesnaps from the day? I betcha (look at me use authentic vernacular!) you came here for the snaps, so I’m just going to say thank you and congratulations to this wonderful couple, and to all of you out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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