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Alright everybody. It’s been a long time since we’ve started up the Otis & James WayBack Machine, but it’s time to suit up, and prepare ye for some seriously sweet travels. Our first stop is all the way back to a time that shall be known as the time of more than two but less than four Friday’s ago, and the land that we will be traveling to is a magical and mystical place that shall forever be known to the people of the blog as…Harvey!

I know you’re wondering, ‘Why do we have to crawl into the WayBack Machine again…there’s a bunch of candy wrappers on the floor and it smells like a combination of french fries and Joop in here’, and I’m here to tell you that subjecting yourself to a trip in the WayBack Machine will be totally worth it, because we are going back to see some supersweetsample snaps from the wedding of Lindsey & Scott!

You heard me! We had the good golly great gosh almighty honor of being a part of the wedding of Lindsey & Scott, and I’m here to report to you that the Otis & James Caravan of Love pulled out of the Minot station, pulled into the Harvey station, and the party just kept on a keepin’ on! And do you know why it was so awesome? I’m not going to wait for your answer, I’m just going to tell you.

It was awesome because Lindsey & Scott, as well as their wedding party and families were totally and completely awesome to work with! We had a wonderful time, and we would like to wish them a heartfelt o&j congratuations, and a thank you for letting us be a part of the day!

Well, enough of all this talkey-talkey, and let’s get on to the reason you’re here. MuchLove to one and all, and – Enjoy!

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