The Family Stockert!

How should we start the first post of the New Year? I say, we shall start it with The Family Stockert! I wish I could tell them that there will be all sorts of prizes, some sort of a plaque, a commemorative edition blog for their home and a slightly used 1989 Ford Aerostar. But, alas, I have none of these things to offer them.

All that I can do is give them some sweetsweetsamplesnaps and the knowledge that when they came down to the FunCenter, they totally and completely rocked it up! We had a wonderful time working with this fabulous group, and our time together was all too fleeting (isn’t that always the case, or at least on 70% of the blog entries for those of you keeping track at home)!

MuchLove to The Family Stockert, and to all of you that were wondering if 2007 was going to be the year that we didn’t put up any new stuff on the blog – Enjoy!

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