Ali & Nick

As the wheels at the O&J factory kept on a-turnin’ (despite the change in year, metamorphasis of my sanity, and perhaps more cracks in the street of Main) the aura surrounding the FunCenter continued to thrive and a heavenly aroma wafted from the air vents of the FunCenter; ’twas the sweet, sweet scent of fun.

Parked outside in the VIP space directly in front of the FunCenter (which our lovely hired hand, Benjamin, sits on through all hours of the night to ensure the rightful parkers (O&J) receive rightful parking) was none other than the imfamous and often underestimated, overexaggerated, discombobulated, extremely underrated, government-debated, inflated, tie-dye painted WayBack Machine. It turns out that the WayBack machine conquered the recent MegaStorm (which had no affiliations with any superhero, nor their powers) that engulfed Northdakotaland.

Though the WayBack machine is no longer in her prime (which occured during the late 70’s and again in the early 90’s) it found no trouble suiting up for its latest endeavor: The wedding celebration sensation of none other than the sweetness of Ali and Nick!

With all passengers aboard and the discoball in full swing (as the WayBack machine, during it’s prime, held many a discoteque) the party of Ali and Nick rocked, rocked…sweet bippy, they rocked. And rocked they did, so much in fact, that the WayBack machine, upon their departure, pulled me aside and whispered into my one good ear, “Otis, you’re killin’ me, man.” I’m not even kidding you.

Sweet thanks to Ali and Nick and to their rocking and über kool wedding par-tay for being totally, completely, sweetly, neatly, O&J-ly, undeniably awesome. Enjoy!

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  1. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!!!! Thank you Otis and James for the amazing work that you do!!!


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