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Riyaz is rollerblading in the park while the television show Keep It Together is filming an episode. The producers seek him out as an emergency replacement for one of the extras. He hits it off with the star, Lydia Leeds, and is considered for a recurring role. However, Lydia is only using him to make her leading man/boyfriend jealous so that he will end his holdout. Emily fills in for Riyaz at the Peach Pit. She is in over her head until she adopts the persona of Kinzo, a sassy, gum-chomping waitress. She quickly charms all of the customers with her wisecracks and lip-synch routines.

Due to a contractual dispute which lasted three episodes, the characters of Ben & Adam were not featured in this episode. The popular character Luke also was not in this episode, but his absence was due to a freakish accident during filming, which involved a clown, a pizza, and a mongoose.

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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Adam and I
    have resloved our contract disputes. We will return for next
    week’s two parter titled “Emily’s Body Changes,” and “Luke —
    Mongeese Happen to the Best of Us.”


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