Well, I suppose that it’s time to let all of our peeps in the Land of Blog in on a little not that well kept secret. You see, come Mid-February the FunCenter is going to be moving…but only just up the street to 17 South Main. Literally, same side of the street and everything, just South of our current location by half of a block. I’m going to give you all out there a moment to let that one sink in.

Alright, you back with me? Good. Now, I’m gonna give you the details. We are incredibly excited for this move! It has been a long time in the planning, and it doesn’t even seem real that we are this close to it actually happening. It has long been our desire to attain a studio space which we would be able to create to our specifications, and be the sole tenant. At the same time, we wanted to remain in the downtown district, as well as have a strong store-front presence. This new studio will allow us to achieve all of these goals.

This is an exciting time for us, and this move will only continue to allow our business to grow. This move, however, would not have been possible without all of our clients, and their belief in us! The past four years have been amazing, and all of our expectations of what our little business could do have been exceeded – and this is all because of you!

The state of the Otis & James is stronger than ever. We share a deep commitment in continuing to grow our business, improving and expanding our services, and most important – we are committed to the Minot community. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring, for all of us!

Well, enough of all these words, and let’s take a look at some photographs of the new FunCenter. They are in order from oldest to the most recent, and they are offered with no particular explanation as to what they are. A little mystery never hurt anybody, now did it. We will continue to offer updates leading up to the move, and we will be working to ensure that our transition to this new space is as seamless as possible. Please check back for updates.


Matthew ‘Otis’ Bieri & Jamie ‘James’ Rennich
Otis & James Photography, LLC

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8 thoughts on “HOLY SMOKES. BIG NEWS.”

  1. I am SSOOOOO excited for the new studio. i will come see it in july. okeydokey 🙂
    peace, love and good hair,

  2. i cannot wait to see how great the new place will be! CONGRATULATIONS to you both! im glad that you will be moving to the south side with all of us at fiancee!

  3. Congrats on the new location, even though it is but a half block from the old location, hopefully all goes well for you guys


  4. Hey Guys – Your news is incredible!!! I love the pictures and the transformation that the building has already taken on. Congrats and I can’t wait to see the finished product!!


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