The Siblings Cabral!

Are you ready to rumble? Are you ready to tear it up? Are you ready to throw it down, and get all up in our crazy bizniss? What’s that? I can’t hear you! Louder! LET ME HEAR YOU SAY IT…BRING ON THE SUPER RIGHTEOUS SWEETLYSWEETSNAPS!!!


Alright, now that we’re amped up to where we should be, let us now get to the matter at hand, which is the fact that at some point in our recent history (remember, I no longer follow what you people call a ‘calendar’, instead I tell the day by the bottle that I drink…no…wait…that’s Bon Jovi, and he tells the town by the bottle he drinks. Like, if it’s Evian, he must be in Kalamazoo…but enough about one of the greatest wordsmiths of our age, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi) we were visited by none other than the Siblings Cabral!

Now, normally I would title this post the ‘Children Cabral’, but that seems kind of silly now, doesn’t it. They really don’t strike me as being children anymore. I guess that I could have called it ‘They Humans Sharing The Last Name Cabral’, but that seems a little impersonal. Either way. They came to the FunCenter, and they totally tore it up!

Having worked with the every lovely Casey previously, we knew that it was gonna be good, and good – my friends – was what it was (whoa…that sentence is pushing the boundaries of understandable, and is quite possilby moving into the territory of unintelligible.)

ManyThanks & MuchLove to this lovely group for spending a little bit o’ quality time in the warmth of the FunCenter, and to all of you out there patiently waiting for more samplesnaps in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. Kelsey and shawn and kasey! I love these their so cute and I know you were so excited to get these done!


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