YO. Check it out, my people of the blog. I bring you good tidings, and some supersweetseniorsnaps taken by the one and only Keith! Now, we came into this session thinking we were going to have a good time, but what we didn’t realize is that not only weren’t we just going to have a good time, we were going to have a…wait for it…a great time!

Now, I wish that I could tell you how a session goes from good to great, it just kind of happens. Like when Santa brings the presents. Or when a bird flies. Sure, there might be some sort of an explanation, but do we really need to know the reason for everything, or can we just take it at face value, and accept it for what it is. Which in this instance is sweetness to the power of 10. That’s a lot of sweet. A lot.

There is one of two things that we can do here. The first would be for us to continue down this road of me typing up all sorts of crazy words in a feeble attempt at writing, or we could put all of these words to bed and just look at the samplesnaps…the colorful and happy samplesnaps! What’s that? You say enough of the words? Well…alright then. Without any further delay, I present Keith – Enjoy!

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I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.

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