There is a song, by the Allman Brothers Band, called Jessica.

Perhaps, my Children of The Blog, you have heard this song before. Perhaps, you have not.
As I write this, it is my hope that you have had the good pleasure of hearing this epically wonderful song. And why? Well, because the song has more in common with the absolutely wonderful Jessica that we had the goodgollygreatpleasure of working with this past week than just the name. You see, they are both epically (and, I’m actually turning to my dictionary to see if this is really a word…and the verdict is…well, Meriam-Webster is leaving me high and dry right now, so I’m turning to my e-lec-tronic dictionary, and the verdict is…YES! I have been vindicated by the e-lec-tronic dictionary! Hooray for me!) great!

Man, I will tell you this. We got this thing going on. You see…the Seniors, they come down to the FunCenter, and they tear it all up, crazy style. Mad like. The kind of tearing up that you used to only read about in the newspapers, but now happens on a daily basis in the Center of Fun. I don’t know how it happens. I don’t know how it is that we found ourselves in this situation of righteously rocking all consuming happiness that is all things FunCenter, and trust me – if I could bottle it up, I would, because it’s the stuff of greatness. Not greatness for us, but greatness of our Seniors. As the ever-lovely Jessica demonstrates, greatness is what they specialize in, and we can only hope to always be this lucky!

MuchLove to Jessica for taking time out of her hectic day and giving it to o&j, and to all of my superpeeps out there in the Land of Blog, sitting by the bluish glow if your com-pu-tahs – Enjoy!

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  1. Wow. Talk about amazing photos. Jessie did a great job and I give the photographer great props on capturing all the great moments!

  2. WOW! I am so stunned!!!!
    Jessie is my cousin and I’m just so amazed by these pictures!
    excellent job!

    Nick Holte

  3. Mad props to the photographer!! These pictures really capture the true “balla'” in her! Love them!


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