Our Seniors are brave, brave people. They are willing to do anything for that perfect shot. Stick with me here, folks, I know that I’m treading the land of supercheeze right now, but you gotta trust me that I’m not going to lead you to the land of Velveeta, and instead we’re going to take a trip to KööL…wait, that makes it seem like we’re going to be involved with some sort of a cigarette type thing, and we’re not…as, generally speaking, it’s not really the best idea for us to promote that type of behavior to our seniors…so let me re-phrase that, we are going to be taking a trip to the land of cöölio (and, again, I do not mean that we are taking a trip to see the artist known as Coolio, as that would have nothing to do with what we are really here doing, which by this point I’m not even sure what I am actually typing about right now…I think I’ve got it…wait for it…Yes! We are taking trip to überkøølville (Yes, that’s it) because our Seniors are willing to do anyting for that parfect shot!

Take, for instance, the one and only Samantha! She braved the bitter elements (and by that, I mean the cold) in order to make the sweetliest sweet shots that we could get. The results? Fantastic! But don’t just take my word for it, you’ve got to hold on as I get through this part right now where I tell all y’all out there in Land of Blog how thankful we were to be visited by Samantha, and how great she was to work with! MuchLove, Yo! Now, you’ve just got to get through the part where I tell you all to – Enjoy!

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I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.



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