The Sistah’s Zander!

Ahhhhhh Sistah’s Zander, why is it that you are so wonderful?

I guess that this is kind of like asking why it is that the birds sing, or the sun shines, children laugh, and the world goes ’round…they are the grand mysteries of life, and they are better if they are just accepted and not questioned.

Now, some in the scientific community may beg to differ and say that we actually do have reasons for those other things, and they may have ‘science’ on their side, but I’m not going to buy into all of that hooey and malarky. All that I know is that they are mysteries to me, and I don’t need to understand them. I just need to know that they are, and I can say with confidence that the Sistah’s Zander are totally and completely awesome, and they tore it up here in the land of Center and Fun (it can also be called the FunCenter, if you so desire), and our time with them was filled with, but not limited to:


If I were young and hip (I’m just kidding, I am young and hip) I would then be all like ‘<3’, but I don’t think that they need this to know that we absolutely loved working with them, and when they left we wiped a solitary tear from our eye as we knew we would soonly be longing for the times when they used to be in the Center of Fun (remember, you can call it the FunCenter if you would like, but I’m not going to force anything upon you, do as you will and I will just accept it).

I guess, to make me feel bettah, I can look at the supersweetlysamplesnaps that are residing just a few short words below and know that my heart will be filled with magical sweetness and lots of love.

Alright, do you got all of that? I thought so. Now it is the time when I give Muchlove to the Sistah’s Zander for stopping by the FunCenter, and tell all of you out there in the land of blog shivering on a day so cold – Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “The Sistah’s Zander!”

  1. hey maddi this is hannah k. you look so pretty in those pics. i luv ya and ben is telling me to leave now so i better go!!!

    Love Always
    Hannah K.



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