Trish & Chad!

The rocking and rolling 24 hour a day superpartay that is Otis & James continued with a visit from the superfantasticallywonderliscious Trish & Chad! And why, oh why, do you think – my fellow bloggerites (technically, I’m the Mayor of Blogville, and you are my faithful servants, but as a good politician, I will pretend to be one of you, in order to build up enough trust to get me elected to another term, which, in all reality, I don’t need to worry about as I have temporarily permanantly suspended all open elections until further notice in the interest of ‘national security’ – even though it is more just in the interest in my own ‘job security’) – that this sweetly couple stopped down to the FunCenter on a day so fine?

Let me tell you this, and this only. They came down for some superawesome! And guess what, get some superawesome is exactly what they did do! Because would I really come here and tell you that they didn’t? But that’s not for us to worry about at this moment, as they did, and this is all that matters!

Much fun was had in the FunCenter, and none of it would have been possible if we hadn’t have had the good fortune of working with the one & only Trish & Chad! We would now like to give some serious serious shout outs (really is it still 1997) to these two lovely peeps for coming down to the FunCenter, and to all of my ‘fellow’ bloggerites – Enjoy!

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