MM v.10 :: The Dani & Josh Edition!

Ladies & Gentlemen of the blog, I present to you Dani & Josh. Singlehandedly bringing sexy (with a side of cute) back to the blog.

Which is a good thing, because at some point during this past year, Otis seems to have misplaced the ‘sexy/cute’ and tried to substitute ‘awkward/annoying’ instead, thinking that nobody would notice. After many long months of what Otis had thought would be an alright substitute, people finally had enough of all the awkward situations. Otis pleaded with them, “But I love creating awkward situations!!! I love that feeling of uncomfortable silence!”

Alas, nobody else was in agreeance with him in this situation, and they all knew what would have to be done. We were going to have to call in none other than Dani & Josh…as they would be able to restore the mojo to the studio. So, it was with great anticipation that we began this shoot, as we all knew (even Otis) that the time of awkward had come to pass, and we must now look forward to starting this new age of supersexysweet in the land of FunCenter.

MuchLove & Thanks to Dani & Josh for helping to save the FunCenter – you had a big job, and you did it well, my friends…you did it well. To all of you that have been suffering in the land of blog during the time of awkward, it’s time to throw of your chains and – Enjoy!

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  1. Aww, my baby cousin and her adorable boy. Definately brought sexyback you two, almost as good as I did, haha. Love you guys and they turned out great! Kudos to Otis and James!

  2. Gorgeous Dani! They turned out super bad you have a boyfriend because i’d like to tap that. Nice choice with the last minute dress.

  3. mmm that dani, she’s kinda sexy… anybody have her #? tehehe nice pics , i posted them in my shower :O


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