MM v.3 :: The Family Neshem!

And then there was this time in our not-so-distant past when the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and who should stand before us than the one and only Family Neshem! Now, my people of the blog that get a big kick out of pointing things out to me on a continual basis like some sort of a smarty-pants, I’m well aware that there is more than just one Family Neshem out there in this big ol’ world, but on this day, at this time, there was only one Family Neshem that was gracing the FunCenter with its prescence!

And that, would be this Family Neshem! I bet that you’re sitting there, you the smarty-pants bloggers, and you’re asking yourself just how good of a job it was that this wonderful family did? Well well, you best be removing that question from your minds, because I’m here to tell you that not only were they a total treat to work with, they also brought the goods.

Bringing the goods. I bet you that smarty-pants is now wondering what this means. Well, SP, let me break it down for you. It means that they came down to the FunCenter, and they totally and completely tore it up…crazy style! And, for those of you in the know, crazy style is just about as insane as it gets!

We had a wonderful time with this lovely family, and we give them a big ol’ MuchLove for stopping by the FunCenter for some pictosnaps! Without any further delay, The Family Neshem – Enjoy!

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