MM v.4 :: The Family Calavera Edition!

Our incredible run with gorgeous families continued with a visit from a superwonderful group that I shall from this point on refer to as The Family Calavera! I shall refer to them as this because it is what their name is, and it seems to me that refering to them as something other than this would be kind of crazy-like, and we try to avoid crazy at all costs around the FunCenter, as it usually leads first to madness, and then to insanity.

With that in mind, let us now take a little bit of time to talk about the reasons that this wonderful family stopped down to the FunCenter! They did not come down here to talk to Otis about plumbing issues, or with Ben about hair, or Kinzey about The Lost City of Atlantis. Even though Kinzey is a renowned expert on that topic, that is still not the reason why they came down to land of FunCenter.

No NO. None of that stuff was the reason. They, instead, came down to get some superaweseomsweet familysnaps! My dear friends, I am here to reassure all of you out there in your warm & comfy homes that this wonderful family not only did that, but they did it in style!

We had a wonderful time with this wonderful group, and now we are at that place when we have to say goodbye. But before we do, let us take a moment to say MuchLove and ManyThanks to one and all for making it down to the FunCenter on a day so fine! Well, now we are at the place where I’m gonna say – Enjoy!

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