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There was a period of time that I would often ride around in grocery carts. It was not recent, it was actually quite a while ago. Actually, it was when I was a wee lil’ Otis, and I could still fit into the front seat of the cart. I loved it. It was, perhaps, one of my most favorite things to do. I was not one of those children that would freak out in the grocery store. No no NO, my friends, I thought of it as riding on a chariot, and it was finally a time when my parents were working for me. Mush…Mush…my chariot must go faster up and down these aisles.

World, check it out. I own this grocery cart. MmmmmHmmmmm. So, it was with great sadness when the time came that I finally had to relinquish the seat in the grocery cart. I tried to hold on for a long time. I would plead to ride in the cart, and my parents would say, “Otis, you are getting to be too old to ride around in the cart. You’re a big boy now, and you can walk with us.” Otis would ask them to just let him try to get into it, and they would oblige. And when he got to the seat, he would try to cram his much too large frame into a seat that was designed for a three year old (did I mention that I was about eight at this point?)

Painful is the only word to describe it for me. Embarassing is the only way to describe it for my parents. Without any words being said, I crawled back out, with the realization that my days as the powerful chariot rider were over, and now I was just another commoner…destined to walk the floors of the Grocery Store like all the other working stiffs.

Which brings us here, to this very moment, and the lovely time we had during this past week (and I’m using the term ‘week’ a little loosely here, folks…remember, time is elastic) working with the one and only Tana!

She was living my dream…she actually had her own cart. I was envious, but I tried to not let it show, as I must be the bigger man now and not let such small things bother me (but daaaaang…if I didn’t want to get my hands on that card and have my assistant Benjamin push me around the studio. Mush, Ben…MUSH!

MuchLvoe to Tana et. al for stopping by the FunCenter for the sweetly pictosnaps, and I think that one and all out there in Blogville will agree that the results were fantasticlywonderous (that’s a new one)! There is no more need for words, we must look at colorful pics instead – Enjoy!

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