MM v.9 :: The Anna Edition!

Are you ready to rock?

I said, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK! Because I’m about to lay down some dope beats as we embark on a journey of lovelypictostnaps that were taken of a young lady that calls herself…Anna!

Now, ladies and gents, as we get ready to leave on this journey, I’m going to ask you to put away your cell phones, close out of your MySpace & facebook profiles, stop messaging people, turn off the TV, and free your mind from any other distractions that may prevent you from fully enjoying the totally and completely rocking pics that are Anna…because she needs your total and complete attention, because she is just that awesome!

She came down to the FunCenter, and the rest was a magicalfantastic time that came to an end far too quickly (if that sentence did not make sense, this is not your fault, as it was designed to leave you scratching your feet). MuchLove to Anna and her entourage for stopping by the FunCenter, and to all of you that are keeping the faith in the Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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