MM v.5 :: The Sistahs Schell Edition!

As we continue our voyage to fah-fah away places, the friendly folk of O&J Land, which includes James (the Queen Picto-snapping Machine), Otis (the FunCenter Renegade), and many lovely animals, assistants, robots, imaginary friends, and now the spirit of Ben’s deceased Beta (RIP) — where was I? Oh! The friendly folk of O&J Land continued our voyage to fah-fah away places (which is much like playing a game of Candyland) and came upon the most sweetly-sweet of sisters…you might call them…

{Insert serenading country music star, singing a sappy love song to an audience of swooning ladies}

The good stuff – Sistahs Schell!

Talk about three rockem-sockem’ hip-hoppin’, beat-boxin’ sistahs. They came, they saw, they danced their sistahly dance (Otis may or may not have also busted a move here or there or everywhere). There wasn’t a thing that Sistahs Schell couldn’t do. World hunger? Consider it nonexsistant. Ladies Schell took care of it at the studio. World peace? You got it. I’m telling you, these ladies turned up the charm, and they turned it up HARD.

{Insert the sound of the charm being turned up}

Much love to these ladies for making their time O&J time! Without you we’d be just an Otis…and a James…with a couple of cameras.

Now go feast your eyes on the beautiful snaps that are the Sistahs Schell – and as always, Enjoy!

All Content ©2007 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Marlene and Rollie & girls….great pics!!! O & J do such a great job. Erica & Kevin are having them do their wedding pics, can’t wait to see what fun things they come up.


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