MM v.13 :: The Colin Edition!

Now there’s a couple of ways that we could do this.

The first would involve me rambling on and on, aimlessly trying to tie together words that should have no business being tied together by any means whatsoever, in the hopes that I could create some sort of a cohesive paragraph or two or three about something or another. In the end, you would feel kind of strange while reading, but once you got to the pictosnaps, it would all seem to be worth it…maybe.

The second way, well, it would go like this:

Colin. Righteous man that came to FunCenter. He came in the name of peace & pics. He was good, real good. MuchLove to him for giving us some of his sweet time.

Well, which one do you think we should do? Survey says…the second way. Parfect! Because that’s just what I was thinking too. I love it when the minds of blog & the mind of Otis are on the same page.

A’ight (street slang, remember?), thanks again to Colin for stopping down, and to the rest of the good citizens of blog – Enjoy!

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