The Family Mappes!

Yo Yo Yo. Time to break it down all crazy like and get down and funky (I know…trust me…I know this is probably one of the lamest starts to a post ever, but you gotta work with me here people, you gotta trust me that I’m gonna take this train that is careening off of the tracks and am going to safely steer it back to the promised land of Blogville…work with me, peeps…work with me), as I’m about to give you – my fellow people of the blog – some sweet and goodly photographic goodness that I shall from this moment on, and from all moments on, for that matter, call The Family Mappes!

Behold, my friendlyfriends (really now, I must stop creating my new words as I fear my communication skills are falling into some weird other world that I fear I will ne’er be able to escape from…uhhhhh…where was I…oh yes…friendlyfriends), the glass doors to the Center For The Study of Fun & Butchery Training (CFTSOF&BT) opened up, and this incredibly righteous family bounded into our lives, and transformed our studio from an ordinary and average place, to an extraordinary and above-average place!

How, you may or may not be currently asking yourselves, did they do this? The answer, quite simply, is this: They did it by just being themselves! Whoa. Did I just turn this into some sort of a life lesson (and, by the way, every time that I type the word ‘lesson’, I always type the word ‘lesion’ the first time…kind of a different meaning if I were to type ‘life lesion’…The More You Know, huh?), because if I did, I truly apologize. But, ’tis true.

They came into our lives, tore it up in the FunCenter, and then went about their merry ways. All that we have to remember this time with is some wonderful photographic goodness. We shall always have that. Well, I think that instead of all these words talking about the goods, we need to actually take a look at some of the photographic goodness, and collectively marvel in the wonder of it all!

MuchLove to FamilyMappes for coming on down to FunCenter, and to all my beautiful people of blog – Enjoy!

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