TBWMYF v.8 :: The Krista & Quentin Edition!

There was a land and a time, long ago, when your good ol’ Uncle Otis was a ‘different person.’ He worked for mysterious places named after the things that lead to pots of gold, and he drove beat up ol’ pickup trucks and had a gnarly beard. He thought that he had it all figured out, and – at the time – he did have a pretty good handle on what and who he was.

During this period, he had the good fortune of working at said places that lead to the pot of gold with a lovely yound lady that called herself, Krista! Otis thought that Krista was a fine person, and quite enjoyed the workplace which they shared. As life will go, however, their time at this place was short-lived…well…more for her than for Otis, and their paths seldom if ever crossed again.

And, as is also the case with life, what you had once thought was ‘pretty well figured out’ was really just a temporary resting spot on the way to the place that you are truly going, which brings us to the here and now. At some point during this fine past week or so, the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and who should walk on in than old friendly co-worker of Otis, the one & only Krista, and her lovely son Quentin! What had previously just been a person named ‘Krista’ on our calendar was now officially blowing the mind of one person named Otis, and perhaps was even blowing the mind of one person named Krista.

‘Tis crazy, my dear friends of blog, how the road of life will meander, but also ’tis nice when you have a chance to catch up with old chums! Well, my dear blog friends, I know that you haven’t come here today to stoll down memory lane with your dearl ol’ Uncle Otis, and Krista & Quentin sure didn’t come down to Center for Fun to do this. No no no. They came to FunCenter to have some sweetlysnaps taken, and I’m here to tell you at this fine hour that get some sweetlysnaps taken was exactly what they did!

As was expected, they were totally awesome to work with! They know the moves, they knew the poses, it was as if everything in the past was leading up to this one moment of wonderment in the FunCenter! Well…perhaps everything in life hasn’t led up to this moment, but whatever the case thank goodness it went down!

MuchLove & ManyThanks to Krista & Quentin for stopping by Center so fine, and to all of my shiny happy people of blog – Enjoy!

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