TBWMYF v.9 :: Valerie & Jeff!

Mic Check. Mic Check. Is this thing on? Are we broadcasting? Wha…we are? You mean they can hear me? Oh…well…OK. Here goes then.

Ladies & Gentlemen! I come to you today with good news! News go grand that you’re all bound to leave this broadcast with a tune in your mind and a smile in your heart! I’m not even sure if the heart is capable of smiling, but I’m going to have our research staff (ed. Brittany, that’s you) get right on that and let our good people of blog know the answer to this question just as soon as we get to the current matter at hand, and that is the righteously awesome engagement pictosnaps of the one and only…Valerie & Jeff!

Before they walked into FunCenter (if it’s the weekend, I’ll call it ‘Studes’), I was sitting there talking to my fish that lives in a plant, and the conversation was something along the line of how could life at FunCenter be any better! No sooner had I said that then this awesomelyawesome couple walked on in. I immediately looked at fish and knew life had actually just gotten better!

Valerie & Jeff were totally awesome! They sweetlyrocked, they sweetlyrolled through the shoot, and by the time it was done, we knew the goods had been had. Well, my dear audience of blog, now is the time that we need to say MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for stopping down to FunCenter, and to all of you out there in land of blog – Enjoy!

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