TBWMYFO v.15 :: Family Edwards, Rockin’ The House Edition, Yo!

Check it. I’m about to lay some dope beats down on y’all. You see, I got me a freshie dope Minnesota Twins baseball hat…you know, the kind all the kids that might be laying down dope beats might be wearin’, I got myself some sweet bippy new shadez, I’m growin’ me a sweet hipster beard, and I’m thinking about getting some spinnaz for the o&jmobile. Now, I know what all of you are thinking. You’re all sittin’ there all pretty-like in your sweet and comfy blog houses out there in your tidy and warm houses in blogville, and your thinkin’ that I’m goin’ through some sort of a midlife crisis, and I’m tryin’ to relive something that I’m never gonna be able to get back, no matter how many hats I buy or how dark my tints are.

But I don’t care. I’m still gonna lay down these dope beats, and we’re gonna start this party off right, we’re gonna start this party off with a little something that I like to call…The Family Edwards! Ahhhhhhh shucks, man…The Family Edwards is one of our old-school clients. It feels like family whenever they traverse the doors of the FunCenter, and as well it should. I don’t know what that means, or where I was going to go with that one, but what I’m trying to lay down on all you all out there that are mystfied by my ramblin’ thoughts is that The Family Edwards came down to Center For Fun, and they straight up rocked the joint down to the Foundation…just like they usually do.

Now, for my peeps that actually read these words I type, and haven’t blocked out years ago all of my foolish writing, we’re gonna take a moment to give some love to the Family Edwards for coming on down once again, and for brightening up our day! We always love working with you, and hope to always have you in the confines of the FunCenter…uhh…I guess that kind of sounds like we want to trap you here, but we promise you can leave. Well, on that note, MuchLove to the Family Edwards, a big ol’ cheesy hug to my People of Blog, and to one and all – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Girl!!
    Your boys are Adorable and your looking FINE AS CHERRY WINE!! Great pictures!!
    Take care!


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