TBWMYFO v.21 :: The Schaefer Trips Edition!

Boys and girls of the blog gather ’round! You might need to sit down, because this is BIG news. There is only 100 days until the fifth Harry Potter Installment hits theaters! Are you excited? Because I am. You know what else I’m excited about? Trips. No, not the kind where you get in a glitzy airplane and fly to a tropical isle. No, not the kind where you get all crazy in the head and start saying things like “Foxes are my favorite furry animal on weekends in July.” Also not the kind where you fall flat on the ground. Take this for example: You get back from lunch, feeling comfy in grey sweats, you’re avoiding a puddle and SHWAZAAM. There you are, in that puddle, as your grey swetsuit absorbs every ounce of mositure. The worst part isn’t even the fact that you became the world’s first human paper towel, it’s the fact that you landed on your knee and groaned “my patellaaaaaaa!” in front of your best friend.

Not that this situation ever happened to me, or that I had to go into school after this. This is not one of those trips.

These are the kind of trips as in triplets bloggerites! Say hello to Megan, Holly, and Riley, the jolliest of all jolly triplets that we have ever met! Take fun, multiply by three, and SHWAZAAM. you get the Schaefer Trips (yes I’ve used SHWAZAAM earlier in this blog already, I just hope it’s not to the point of ad nauseam). It’s instances like these where the FunCenter transforms into The Gymnasium of Fun. Have a look for yourselves.


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  1. Yes, they are a trip and more. Unbelievable they are 4 years old already. They are making my life as a grandma the best “trip” possible.


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