The Family Drago!

All was well in the Center for Fun & Monkey Studies (CFF&MS). The birds were chirping, the tree in front of the window was freshly sprinkled with Miracle Grow to ensure that it grows to mammouth proportions, even OJ the Beta was swimming circles around his tank (usually he is floating on the top). A sunshine day in the land of O&J indeed!

Wouldn’t you know that in the midst of it all, a chime was heard on the door of the FunCenter, signaling that Fun itself had in fact arrived. Today’s fun was in the form of the Family Drago!

They hopped, they skipped, they straight up rocked into the studio, did their thing, rocked straight on out. Of course there was a bit of supah-dupah s-s-s-snappage that occured somewhere along the line, but it was all done with some serious vibrations; rocking, that is. MuchLove to Family Drago and to the Bloggers & Bloggerettes – Enjoy!

All Content ©2007 Otis & James Photography

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