Blocks, Swords… and Carter!

I’m sure all of you out there know Carter, because he does it all. For those of you hermits out there in the WOB [World of Blog] that don’t however, here’s a little overview.

Carter —

— builds entire cities with nothing but blocks.
— can substitue pitch for the World Series.
— protects entire kingdoms with his trusty sword.
— is able to recite every lyric to the Curious George soundtrack.
— has the dance moves of a professional.
— shows even the FunCenter a fun time!

How do I know this? Because I experienced it first hand! And trust me, I can’t even do the things that are listed above, I’ve even tried. When I tried building a city with blocks, no one would move in because it looked like a shabby Jenga tower. When I hopped out of the stands to pitch at the World Series, I was tackled by security guards for some reason. When I tried to protect a kingdom from the enemy, the knights laughed at my battery powered lightsaber. When I tried to sing along with the Curious George soundtrack, everyone covered their ears. When I dance, people boo and throw food at me. Then there was the time I tried to show the FunCenter a fun time. I guess Parcheesi, finger food, and the Godfather Part III are no longer classified under “good times.”

But Carter knows how to do it all, and I was lucky to see it for myself. Thank you Carter and Mom for stopping by and hanging out with us, it really was a blast! Enough of me, here’s Carter! Enjoy!

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One thought on “Blocks, Swords… and Carter!”

  1. Carter and I had a great time. The photographers at Otis and James were enthusiastic and willing to get down on the floor to entertain an energetic, independent three year old.


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