The Gypsy Andrea High-Five Edition!

So, I’m sitting here at the CFATB [Center For All Things Blog], sipping a delicious latte when sirens start going off. “Sirens?” you may ask? Well, whenever sirens go off that means a blog of EPIC PROPORTIONS needs to get started. I immediately ran to my battle station to get the update from headquarters. (Headquarters isn’t located @ the CFATB; they are a sub-section of Area 51, but I’ve already said too much).

It turns out that a certain senior by the name of “Gypsy Andrea” had photographs taken by the one and only Otis & James, and the blog of hers was in desperate need of going up to show the world this amazingness that would turn fish into flames. Four cartwheels and a handspring later I was hard at work on Andrea’s blog post. I was on paragraph 43 when I heard a scream. The only thing I had to defend myself with was a bottle of Windex, so I set it to STREAM and made my way toward the door. I opened the door and there was Old Man Otis, unconscious on the red couch. A ninja appeared and threw a five point ninja star in my direction. I did a front flip, dodged the star, triggered three swift shots of Windex in his direction and did an uppercut finisher (from Mortal Kombat for SNES) and the ninja was subdued.

It turns out that he wasn’t actually a ninja.

He was a delivery man dressed as a ninja, who was handing out birthday invitations in the shape of a five point ninja star. He was actually let in by Roo, and the scream only came from Old Man Otis because he is deathly afraid of ninjas and is prone to fainting.

My bad.

By the time the medics arrived to flush out the Windexed eyes of the delivery man, Old Man Otis had given me a stern talking to, and as punishment made me erase the previous 42 paragraphs of Andrea’s blog post and start over. I didn’t really want to start over, so this is what’s left of her blog post, most of which doesn’t make sense without the previous 42 paragraphs, but here it goes — PARAGRAPH 43!

Andrea hopped back into the Astro Van. As she made her way out of the mouth of the volcano, she hugged her Tickle Me Elmo and thanked goodness she was still alive. She looked over her shoulder and whispered, “If it wasn’t for you, Martin P. Lexter, I wouldn’t have been able to make it.” An overwhelming sense of remorse came over her as she headed westward with the vial of Gypsy tears she had been sent to retrieve. Minutes passed as she got her whits back together — “I’ll find you!” she cried out. “I’ll find you if it takes every ounce of energy I have… if it takes every cent I’ve got… if it takes every poodle I’ve kissed and every man I’ve loved… I WILL FIND YOU.”

The End.

I’ll leave you to try to figure out what the first 42 paragraphs were about. All I have now is paragraph 43 and these pictures of her endeavor to share with you. Now go out, high-five, and Enjoy!

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  1. Look at you! All gorgeous and stuff! Yaaay Concordia!
    k that’s all. =)


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