Whoa! It’s the Family Watts!

[WARNING! The usually corny & bad Milo blog opener ensues!]

Watts up? The Family Watts is! (Gee golly gosh that is funny! That wasn’t HILarious, it was MOUNTAINarious!)

Okay I’m done.

But hey! The Family Watts really did come over to the FunCenter, and we even got to go outside for some ph-ph-photos! This family of five came to impress, and as you can probably tell from below :: they succeded. I’d dare to say we had what some call “a darn good time.”

I imagine if we sent them into space, I could say things like “the Family Watts is cosmically cool!” But since they weren’t in space, I’ll just say they were “earth-bound cool” and wait until they book another appointment. By then hopefully I’ll have the SSSOJ [Super Sweet Shuttle of Otis & James] back up and running. (The last time it was used I let Kinzo drive and she got a tish too close to a solar flare and I had to cover the whole shuttle in aloe vera, but that’s beside the point). In the mean time, please have a look at the snaps of the Family Watts here on Earth.


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