What? It couldn’t be! Really? The Chapman Clan!

[QOTD :: Question of the Day :: If I was to say that the last three blogs were posted by me, including this one, would you believe me?]

I don’t have the capabilities to change that. Changing things of that sort involves the WoO [World of Otis]. I try not to go there, in WoO… things are different. People wear white hats. People listen to Phish. People drive Nissans. People use the term “oi vey gefilte fish!” I stay in my nook here in BlogLand. Here there are robots to protect me. Here there are Hondas. Here people listen to hellogoodbye. Here we don’t use slang like “oi vey gefilte fish!” Here, people can be themselves. Here we have sunshine dust, endless seasons of the OC, and to top it all off — The Family Chapman!

It’s true. They stop by often. They brighten lives. The Chapman Family can even make one of their own smile — Gabe. And that’s no small feat. The last time they were here we even decided to take their pictographs, to indeed prove that we knew them. It was hard fitting them in, they are very busy you see. But as luck had it, they did swing by, and too short it was (they are pro, seriously). Here’s our proof — the Chapman Clan — Enjoy!

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