GABO v.1 :: Ladies & Gents…It’s Tuscan, Clancy, April & Gage!

Bliggity-Blog! Always a good way to start a post, especially if there happens to be a baby that is involved with said post. I come not, here today, or…I come not here today, or…possibly, come here not today to speak of such things as how to start a blog post (because most of you know that you can find the answer to this and any number of other blog questions in my new book, She Blogs, He Blogs, We All Blogs! (available at most small convenience stores across the state), pick up a copy today if you would like to find other amazing factoids out as well!)

Again, I am not here to sell you my book about blogs (did I mention that it’s been reduced in price to only $2.99+Tax??!! With prices like that, I gotta be out of my mind!), I come to you, my faithful and loving People of Blog (POB’s) tonight to tell you the story of a lovely group of peeps that I like to call Tuscan, Clancy, April & Gage!

They are not members of a superawesome 70’s supergroup dedicated to rocking your socks off. No no no no. They are good looking, friendly people that came to FunCenter for sweetlysnaps! And sweetlysnap they did do, and get, and so on and so forth. We had a wonderous time working with this gorgeous group, and we offer a big ol’ ManyThanks & MuchLove to them for stopping down and letting us get a few clickitysnaps!

Well, enough words. More snaps. Without any further delay – Enjoy!

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  1. April, the pictures are adorable!!! I love the new edition to the family, he’s adorable!

  2. What beautiful pictures. A wonderful job done by Otis&James. Can’t wait to pin them up everywhere.

    A proud Auntie and Sister


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