Great American Blog Off (GABO)

We really must stop meeting like this. It seems that there is silence, and then there is an utter explosion of activity on bliggity-blog. Well, in keeping with that tradition, I present to you The Great American Blog Off, or GABO (you all know how I love my acronymns) for short.

Another thing; who’s running this joint anyway? There seems to have been a person named Milo & occasionally a Roo that have been authoring these posts? What is all of this about? Well, seeing as how I am the only person currently occupying the space that we call ‘FunCenter’, and not creatures that go by that name are currently residing in its confines, I declare the blog to be back in my hands again.

Without any further delay, let the GABO begin!

Brotha O

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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