GABO v.9 :: My Declaration & Thana!

Okay, I may be confused, but apparently Old Man Otis declared the blog back to his name!? No. He is sadly confused. Consider the following my “Official Declaration of All Things Blog.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Blogboys and Blogirls, and the rest of you. (By rest of you I mean elves, centaurs, fairies, witches, wizards, pixies, gremlins, and beasts of all sizes). Come hither! Understand that Old Man Otis has no power here in the WOB [World Of Blog]. His trickery and deceit shall reign over you no more! He has been banished forever, to return no more!


The elves and gremlins have constructed massive VOB [Vehicles of Blog] to transport us in! The centaurs gallop alongside us ready for battle! The faries and pixies fly ready to mystify and distract Old Man Otis. The witches and wizards have wands ready to fend off any of his “Bliggity Blog It’s Baby!” posts. And Beasts of all sizes are ready to venture off into BlogLand to rescue all saddened bloggers, waiting for my return. Together, the WOB is ours again! Hence, I decree that if he is ever seen again, fear not, it is only an illusion, and I have safely allowed the admission.

In the name of all things blog, amen.

April the Ninteenth, Two-thousand and Seven.

All-righty then. Now that the declaration is over and done with, I present you something of equal magnitude… Thana! After much search for a blog worthy of my return, I finally found her! She has the most glorious of all smiles, the energy of all those energetic, and the ZWAMBLOCKARDIO of all things zwamblockardious. (It’s a term for only the most select of all those on the blog). In closing, I give you these, mere morsels of the true essence that is Thana —


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