GABO v.12 :: The Savanah & Ethan Edition!

Big news for all of you out there in BlogLand! Last night, the Otis & James crew, including extended family, decided to have a royal barbeque at the palace of Queen James. There was magic, merriment, food and drink. The best part, however, was when Kinzo bestowed upon myself and the Old Man a gift. It was skillfully wrapped in a bag with the most ornate of tissue paper and Old Man Otis was so excited to get into it he even wet himself. Finally, we reached into the bag to discover the most delightful of all delights — Milo & Otis on DVD! (I mean, we’re talking a copy for each of us!) So, the Old Man and I grabbed each other by the hand and frolicked off to the nearest television and spent the next 75 minutes watching that cute little kitten and funny little pug go off on their endeavors.

For some of you that may have been a little too much informatiom, but the point of the story is this: I suspect that Savanah and her little brother Ethan often go on endeavors just like Milo & Otis. For those of you that don’t know who Savanah & Ethan are, they are pretty much the most adventurous set of siblings the world has ever seen. I recall the time when I took them for a spin in the SSSOJ [Super Sweet Shuttle of Otis & James]. I let Savanah drive, and we did a couple laps around the moon, but it got crazy when Martians showed up. To make a long story short, Ethan used some sweet laser blaster techniques while Savanah maneuvered to save the Earth another day. Whew! Because after they saved us all, they decided to come get some rock star shots of themeselves recently. Remember, you saw it here first kids — the famous duo: Savanah & Ethan! Enjoy!

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