GABO v.15 :: The Catalina Edition!

Ladies & Gents of Blog! Gather ’round! For I am about to unload some of the sweetest photographic goodness that we have ever had the good fortune of bestowing our eyes (and I’m not even sure that one can bestow their eyes, but I’m going to go with it, and there is nothing that any of you can say or do that will sway me from trying to do so…that’s how completely and totally excited about this post that I am) upon. Are you ready for this explosion? Do you think that you are ready to handle the photographic goodness that is about to unfold? What’s that? You say you are? Well, then, let me tell you a little story about someone that we in the FunCenter – and quite possibly other people call her this too, but I only care about FunCenter – Catalina!

Man oh man oh man! Catalina came to FunCenter at some point in our not-so-distant past, well, let’s make that Catalia graced the FunCenter with her presence at some point in our not-so-distant past, and are we thankful that we did. You see, in the time leading up to our superwonderful time with her, we – the collective people of FunCenter – were wondering if our future was going to be filled with sunshine, roses, good times, love, and photographic sweetness, or…(there always seems to be a dreaded ‘or’, doesn’t there?) if it was going to be filled with clouds, dried up old flowers, long and arduous times, and general malaise.

Right at that very moment of ponderance (again, not sure if it’s a word, but I know that my intrepid proofer Brittany shall correct me if it is not), right then when we needed it most, none other than Catalina walked into the FunCenter…(wait for it) and into our hearts! She filled this joint up to the rafters with nothing but sweet sweet love and happiness, and our hearts were at ease because we knew that our future would be the one of sunshine and rainbows, and not that other, much more bleak one, that we won’t even mention any more.

Folks, I think that I have gone on much too long, and we need to get to the part that makes all of us oh so happy…no…not the part where I tell you all about my love of cats…nope…the part when we get to the happy samplesnaps! So, I invite you all now to sit back, relax…whoa..wait one second! I almost forgot about the part when we give ManyThanks & MuchLove to Catalina & her wonderful assistants (you are always welcome in the basement!) for stopping by and giving us a reason to celebrate…and, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, the celebration is because Catalina is so totally and completely awesome! OK, now, without any further delay – Enjoy!

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One thought on “GABO v.15 :: The Catalina Edition!”

  1. I don’t think “Ponderence” is a word. I, personally, would go with….


    \Pon`der*a”tion\, n. [L. ponderatio: cf. F. pond[‘e]ration.] The act of weighing. [R.] –Arbuthnot.


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